When Is The Right Time To Patent Your Idea?

“If you’re at the stage of looking at ideas to patent, consider inventing a better “rudder” before taking on the “ship,” it might save you a lot time, money and  heartache.”

There is this false belief that as soon as an inventor comes up with their killer idea they must get it patented before it’s ripped off by a mega corporate company. And, although I can’t say that having ideas copied won’t ever happen if patent protection isn’t secured early in the process, I would simply urge anyone setting out with a goal to making a career out of inventing to (1) weigh up what might be realistic to patent and (2) when to actually apply for the patent,  here’s a story that I hope will make you think about it from another perspective…

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How to Make Your Idea the 1 in 5000 That Actually Makes Money

Ever dreamed of developing your own products based around some ideas you thought up, with the romantic notion to set up your own business to promote and sell them, but didn’t have a clue how to get started?

As a person who succeeded in creating world-class, print related products from my garage before selling them world-wide, I believe the tough lessons I learned along the way gave me the knowledge and insight to help any creative person with passion and desire to forge a similar path.

It’s a fact that the invention itself equates to only 10% of what is needed to get it sold, the other 90% is down to other more important factors, like implementing marketing and sales techniques to get it in front of the right people. And with 80 patents already to my name and hundreds of products selling through global channels, here’s my top tips on how you too can make your idea the 1 in 5,000 that actually makes money.

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The 4 Types Of Inventor You Must Avoid As Your Role Model

The 4 types of inventor you must avoid as your role model if you want to monetise your idea might be slightly different from what you imagine. In this post I will share my findings so that you can be prepared should you come across any of them…

So you’re seriously  thinking about or indeed starting to use your creative skills to invent the next best solution that you hope will shake up and transform an industry and change your own life in the process, –  so,  who do you look at to find your inspiration and role model?

I have successfully monetised around 500 of my own products in the last 20 years, and during that time I’ve observed the characters, traits and mindsets of many inventors, and found four types you must avoid as your role model if you want to monetise your idea, here they are:

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How To Start Your Journey As An Inventor

How being lazy and wanting to do less is the perfect way to start your journey as an inventor, but only if you get off your sofa…

It still seems quite surreal to think that I built my own multi-million pound company through inventing a simple product to make my own working life much easier, before mass producing it so tens of thousands of other print workers could do less too. And because I have been through this amazing roller coaster of a journey learning from my many mistakes I am convinced that anyone with the desire to fix problems and change their life in the process can do exactly the same.

Experts tell us that only one in five thousand inventions make back profit for those who created them, and I am living proof that you can beat those dismal odds, just as I did, but only  if you strictly apply the kind of methods and strategies I implemented. If you choose to sign up to my blog I can promise that you will think about the process of invention from a refreshingly new and exciting perspective, giving you the confidence to take your idea all the way, if you choose to.

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