Ideas I’ve Bought To Market

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Here’s an animated video describing my first invention, the Tri-Creaser.

Very few believed that an idea based on a common rubber O-ring could begin to revolutionise how creasing was performed, apparently it was too simple and crazy to contemplate, and now we have sold almost 100,000 units, and saved our customers a combined sum of around £8 Billion.

Very often the best ideas are the most simple, this video demonstrates the problem we solved.

It took me 4 years to develop this product range, the success of my Tri-Creaser helped fund the research and development. I would have gone out of business had I started with  developing these CreaseStream machines first – there lies a lesson to you, always start with something simple!


If my customers thought my first Tri-Creaser was revolutionary, my Tri-Creaser Advance is on a different level. I am so proud of the extra problems we solved with this clever modification. It’s so simple, so obvious (my customers tell me) after it has been created of course!