How To Start Your Journey As An Inventor

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How being lazy and wanting to do less is the perfect way to start your journey as an inventor, but only if you get off your sofa…

It still seems quite surreal to think that I built my own multi-million pound company through inventing a simple product to make my own working life much easier, before mass producing it so tens of thousands of other print workers could do less too. And because I have been through this amazing roller coaster of a journey learning from my many mistakes I am convinced that anyone with the desire to fix problems and change their life in the process can do exactly the same.

Experts tell us that only one in five thousand inventions make back profit for those who created them, and I am living proof that you can beat those dismal odds, just as I did, but only  if you strictly apply the kind of methods and strategies I implemented. If you choose to sign up to my blog I can promise that you will think about the process of invention from a refreshingly new and exciting perspective, giving you the confidence to take your idea all the way, if you choose to.

Let’s kick off with a little story that I hope will motivate you to know for sure that it’s ok to feel inadequate, beaten down and that being lazy isn’t an excuse not to start your own personal quest to change your life through invention.

“I am lazy natured, always have been, and always will be”

As a 12 year old boy I remember hearing a quote from a well known British actor, he said, “If I can sit down I won’t stand up, and if I can lie down I won’t sit down, it was as though he was describing me!

I’ve got to admit it, I am lazy natured, always have been, and always will be, so much so that I remember as a young boy lounging around on the sofa watching endless TV every day after school, much to the annoyance of my parents.

And then at the age of 16 I had the biggest shock of my life when after leaving school (without even one qualification) it seemed my leisurely activities wouldn’t cut it anymore, to my utter embarrassment my mum called a local print finishing company to ask if they would employ her son and she virtually dragged me off my sofa to get me to the interview.

The boss must have been pretty desperate because no sooner had I turned up I’d bagged the job and literally started work that afternoon. It wasn’t the best job in the world, I filled up endless bins with trimmed paper waste, made tea and assisted the skilled craftsmen, but I got stuck in without complaint. I  grew to love the way books were made and developed a passion to want to know more and often worked 12 hours a day to build up my knowledge.

I didn’t want to be an assistant, but my request to take up an apprenticeship was turned down – so instead of giving up I continued working those long hours and taught myself an alternative and better way to operate the print finishing machines simply because no one volunteered to teach me the conventional way. That was the making of me and it set me on remarkable life of invention through being forced to look at the world differently.

…Fast forward over 4 decades to the present day, with hundreds of my own products selling through my own global distribution channels, and I ask myself, am I still lazy natured? Absolutely! But I learnt to harness my laziness and use it to my advantage. Do I work hard? Yes, harder than most people I know, but if it means I can do the things I want, including sitting or lying down when I feel like it I will put in the long hours, and sweat blood to earn the privilege – and that’s it, in a nutshell, my mum got me off the sofa and I thank God I found a way to capitalise. Lazy natured yes, but not lazy!

If you’re not lazy, start thinking your future customers are

If you are reading this blog as someone needing inspiration to invent, and you’re not even the slightest bit lazy, then the first valuable tip I will give you is this – Start thinking your future customers are lazy because if you don’t want to do less, they certainly do, that’s why inventors exist – we create solutions to make life easier and better for people who will be more than happy to pay a premium to own what we create, the hardest part is just finding out what that is.

Now for those of you who are more defined by laziness, like me, rather than being blessed with a natural desire to work hard – yes you probably have some motivational challenges to deal with but at least you appreciate those inventions that already exist in our world that feed your lifestyle for doing less, and that’s a perfect place to be, your mind is trained to look for short cuts.

For me, 2 inventions spring to mind that presented me with the most amazing short cuts, The Satellite Navigation system and a programmable lawn mower. I really do appreciate not having to stop off in remote country roads any more to unfold a giant map to find out where I’ve ended up, Sat Nav has also eliminated the arguments with my wife as to which general direction to take, that’s so awesome! I saw the programmable lawn mower at the local garden centre, the robotic beast only had to be used once to establish its mowing pathway before I could sip a glass of wine and watch it do the business I’d taught it. Alas, my wife wouldn’t let me buy it, I think she thought there were limits, even for me.

If your lazy natured I will teach you how to capitalise on your inner idol nature

Your inventor journey and the challenges that come with it could be really tough if you don’t know how to capitalise on your inner idol nature and use it to your advantage. However, remember this, the magical thing is that once you find your purpose and passion to get through the many hoops in order to achieve success, you may still be lazy natured but you won’t be lazy, your desire and your drive will take over, you will love and relish every step of the journey, even the not so great moments, the information I will give you for free will really help.

I can promise you that if you hang around by following my blog, you’re chances of success will become significantly better than 1 in 5,000, but it depends more on you than me, as the saying goes, “I can take you to the water but I can’t make you drink it.”

So be prepared to get up off your sofa, be ready to find your purpose, listen up and start your adventure of a lifetime!

For motivation until my next blog, why not order my book here? Entitled, How I went from factory floor to my own multi-million pound business (and how you can too)

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Speak soon.


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