How I Became A Classroom Super Hero – Just For One Day!

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When I was a twelve-year old school boy, there was a single moment that led me to achieve super hero status,  even though it was just for one day

It was my turn to read aloud in class one day – a few paragraphs of a book our teacher had chosen for us to study. All I remember was the fear of whether I would confidently speak the words clearly, or make a complete hash of them – as well as an awareness of some restless shuffles from disenchanted class mates and accompanying yawning sounds. Then something out of the ordinary happened…
I found myself ignoring the words in front of me and instead I began ad-libbing the events to suit myself. I changed the characters, introduced more exciting ones – and I even described their colourful clothes before sending them off on a different, more fun adventure. As I continued I noticed the sound of almost every child in the room shuffling through the pages, desperately trying to find a place that didn’t exist. The yawning stopped. I had their attention. As nervous and frightened as I was about venturing into uncharted territory; my teacher put me at ease as I glanced at her. She was smiling, and let me carry on for a few more minutes. I’d successfully changed a story written by someone else.

That Amazing experience happened over 40 years ago and I still bump into old school friends present in the classroom that memorable day, who never fail to remind me of how I brought to life a mundane story, and changed the mood and grabbed the attention of over 30 pupils (and the teacher) in an instant.

You know what,  achieving super hero status or merely changing your life, not just for a day but for the rest of your life, might not be as hard as you think. In fact, the key to my success as an inventor/entrepreneur is largely down to adopting the same child-like approach and naivety I used as a 12 year-old boy, and it’s available to every one of us.

I’ll be honest with you, it took me until I was 36 years old to re-live that classroom memory and I used it to great effect in order to inspire me to set up my own business – what childhood memories can you look back on that might inspire you to make the changes needed to help motivate you to realise your dream?

So, If you are in a situation, for one reason or another, where you feel you are living out a story written by someone else maybe a friend, colleague or manager who has scripted, with limitations, how they might see you in the next twenty years – the book I wrote will show you how wrong they could be. But it’s down to how you react.
If you find yourself staring out of your kitchen, office or factory window dreaming of a better life but not knowing where to start in order to change its course, my advice will be perfect for you. Whether you are a full time mother/father at home, shop worker, builder, office or factory worker, aspiring entrepreneur or inventor, it doesn’t matter. There’s something in my book for you.

Whether you see yourself as an everyday person with little to offer the world, or feel cheated because your qualifications don’t yet carry the weight you thought they would, my story will demonstrate how to re-think it all and build up your self-confidence in order to perhaps go against the grain by moving in a direction nobody could have ever predicted. I wanted to write about my story, mainly because it hasn’t turned out quite the way I might have imagined as a twelve year old – or how some of my friends or colleagues might have scripted it. I took control of my life script, but only when I knew beyond doubt that I could make use of my creativity and forge my own path – and I feel you can learn to do the same when you’ve learnt about the various key turning points I faced.

I have opened up my mind to take you on the journey with me. And it’s a really exciting journey. I want you to smile at my mistakes and calamities, be a little sad in the right places and cheer towards the end, not just for me, but for the hope and inspiration you might learn from my experience – all in the hope that you might start creating your own version of your story – a hugely successful one at that. Believe me, if I can, you can  too…

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