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I like to describe myself as an every day, normal and relatable kind of person who worked with what little I had to forge a better path for myself in order to significantly change the life journey others may have predicted for me.

I wanted to re-write my own script and take responsibility and control of my own destiny, it took guts to make that decision and even more courage to pull it off,  – if this is beginning to resonate with you, read on, this just might be your new beginning!

I am married to Sue and we have 2 wonderful grown up children, in their 20’s, Sophie & Jack, oh, and a dog called Ralph. My family tell me that I am kind and generous, which is pretty cool and means the world to me, and they help me keep my feet firmly on the ground.

I wasn’t born to invent,  I really just wanted to fit in and conform with everyone else, but if I’m honest it wasn’t so easy, being a tall, skinny school boy who towered above those of my age. Looking back I probably fooled around too much in order to stand out and get noticed, which in hindsight kind of helped me later on in my business activities, rather than impacting positively on my educational prospects.

Having left school at 16 with no qualifications and little prospects in achieving anything noteworthy in my life, I worked in a print factory, was turned down for an apprenticeship and made the biggest decision of my life – I decided to teach myself the craft of print finishing instead of walking out like a few of my colleagues. This was pivotal in my life and led me down the the route of having to be unconventional, simply because I found better ways to do things than what was written in the text books. Six years later I not only became one of the best craftsmen, I also made it onto the management team, which gave me confidence in knowing that there isn’t always just one route to the top.

Another 14 years of pouring my passion and ideas into my profession continued until at the age of 36 the thought of the grey haired version of me still working for my boss was enough to drain the colour from my face, it was a moment I will never forget. That thought coincided with a story a friend told me about his colleague being offered £500,000 for his invention, and that was the start of the rest of my life!

I decided to start up a side-line business (Tech-ni-Fold) and pick on one of the biggest problems in the print industry and try and solve it, I was so desperate to change my situation that it took only 3 weeks to develop my proto-type and I thought I’d hit the jack pot. I wasted no time in applying for a UK patent.

The Tri-Creaser was born and I was determined it would be my golden ticket out of my boss’s factory.

However, if I ever thought it would be easy I had another thing coming, I had this romantic notion that the hard work was done and that it was only a matter of time before someone would pay me £millions for my efforts – how wrong I was, the hard work hadn’t even begun!

What followed next will be covered in many of my posts, and will show you how I succeeded against scepticism and adversity to make the Tri-Creaser the best selling product it is today, so far saving my customers a combined total of over £8 Billion. And more importantly you will fathom how you can replicate my success.

I have brought to market hundreds of products in the last 20 years and once you know the formula it isn’t so hard to repeat the success rate.

My company, Tech-ni-Fold Ltd are market leaders and my story is far from over, and if you are ready to listen I will be delighted to help you.



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